KU Re-Evaluation/Xerox Scripts Link Activated For BG 3rd Sem - 9 Days Left to Apply

Kashmir University Re-Evaluation/Xerox Scripts Link Activated - 9 Days Left to Apply

Kashmir University has taken a significant step towards addressing student concerns by activating the online application links for BG 3rd Semester regular batch 2021. This allows students who are dissatisfied with their results to apply for Re-Evaluation/Xerox Scripts. The university's decision to provide this opportunity showcases its commitment to ensuring fairness and transparency in the evaluation process. In this article, we will explore the details of this initiative and guide you on how to apply for Re-Evaluation/Xerox Scripts online.

The Importance of Re-Evaluation/Xerox Scripts:

Examinations are an essential aspect of a student's academic journey, and the results obtained hold great significance. However, sometimes students may feel that their performance has not been accurately reflected in their grades. In such cases, the provision of Re-Evaluation/Xerox Scripts serves as a valuable opportunity to review and reassess their answer sheets. This initiative not only promotes transparency but also offers students a chance to address any potential errors or oversights in the evaluation process.

Activating the Application Links:

The activation of the Re-Evaluation/Xerox Scripts application links by Kashmir University is a commendable move towards facilitating the resolution of student grievances. By providing an online platform for this purpose, the university has made the process more accessible and convenient for students. The activation period of these links spans over nine days, ensuring that students have ample time to submit their applications.

How to Apply for Re-Evaluation/Xerox Scripts:

Watch Video - How to Apply For Re-Evaluation/Xerox at Kashmir University Online 

Applying for Re-Evaluation/Xerox Scripts at Kashmir University is now easier than ever, thanks to the online application process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the application:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Kashmir University.

Step 2: Look for the Re-Evaluation/Xerox Scripts application link on the homepage.

Step 3: Click on the provided link to access the application portal.

Step 4: Fill in the required details, such as your name, roll number, and Registration number etc as per required 

Step 5: Select the specific subjects for which you wish to apply for Re-Evaluation/Xerox Scripts.

Step 6: Double-check all the information you have provided to ensure its accuracy.

Step 7: Download Payment Slip (to be paid offline at J&K Bank)

Submit your application and make a note of the confirmation number or receipt for future reference.

Watch Video - How to Apply For Re-Evaluation/Xerox at Kashmir University Online 

Apply For Re-Evaluation - Click Here

Apply for Xerox Scripts - Click Here 


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